What is E-waste

Electronic waste, commonly called e-waste, is the trash you generate that’s made up of unusable or broken electronic devices.

  • Most of our electronics end up in landfills or with local trash collectors who handle e-waste in an extremely hazardous manner—stripping and burning the plastic and other wires to extract valuable metals.
  • Merely throwing away these items can be DANGEROUS. Electronics often contain hazardous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, lithium, phosphorous coatings, etc. which can spread into the soil and drinking water.
  • Incinerating e-waste generates carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that harm the environment.
  • Electronics contain sensitive and personal data that should be professionally erased. Simply discarding your electronics may lead to potential data theft.
  • Electronics are manufactured using valuable resources like silver, gold, titanium, copper, aluminium, iron, tin, etc. The Earth has a limited supply of these elements and recycling is important in recovering and reusing them.

Doko Recyclers is a step ahead in solving this problem. All e-waste received is recycled in a safe and environment friendly manner, while ensuring that your old data is securely destroyed.

What we accept as E-waste.


CPUs, Monitors, Peripherals, Keyboards

Office Equipments

Photocopiers, Printers, Fax Machines


All kinds of Television Sets

Consumer Electronics

VCRs, Stereos, Home/Office Phones

Cell Phones

All kinds of cell phones