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Dumre Waste Assessment

Location: Mirlung Star Xavier’s School, Bhanu Municipality, Tanahun Duration: February 23 - 25, 2020

Doko Recyclers visited Mirlung Star Xavier’s English School to better understand waste management as part of a waste assessment and audit for the school. Along with a waste audit, representatives from Doko Recyclers also held an awareness workshop, meeting with both community members and ward officials about setting up proper waste management channels in the area. The objective of this visit was to assess the current practices of waste management in Mirlung Star Xavier’s English School and the area surrounding it to help create a system design to properly manage waste in the area.

Increased urbanization has also increased the volume of waste generated in the school and the surrounding town, Chandrawati. Mirlung Star Xavier’s English School has been encouraged to have a Recycling/Upcycling Center where students can learn about sustainability and it can also act as a recyclables collection center for the community.

Doko’s Involvement:

  • A waste audit was conducted to quantify and categorize different types of waste produced from Mirlung.
  • An awareness workshop for the school students, parents, and community members to orient on different waste categories and it’s mandatory segregation, and on how to properly manage waste.
  • Community assessment and general site assessment to understand current waste management practices in the area, which included visiting the existing waste burning site.
  • Local stakeholder meeting with community members and the principal of Mirlung Star Xavier’s School, Chhabi Shrestha.

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