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Gunsa Waste Management System Design

Location: Gunsa, Panchpokhari Thangpaldhap Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk Duration: August 2019 - February, 2020

Triangle Génération Humanitaire, an international non-governmental organization based in France and its local implementing partner, ARSOW Nepal, a Kavrepalanchok district based NGO, have been implementing two projects in the Panchpokhari Thangpaldhap Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk called ‘Support to Earthquake Affected Households for Resilience Community in Sindhupalchok District’ and ‘Towards Linking Reconstruction and Household Resilience in Sindhupalchok District’. Both projects have been designed for all four wards in the Panchpokhari Thangpaldhap Rural Municipality to support reconstruction following the 2015 earthquake with a focus on economic recovery and improvement of sanitary conditions in the area. These organizations contracted Doko Recyclers as a technical partner to implement a proper waste management system in the area.

The major goal of the project and Doko Recyclers’ partnership was to create a comprehensive system design for a proper and sanitary waste management system in Gunsa, which consists of 700 households. The aim was to teach every household to segregate their waste into dry waste (recyclables, non-recyclables, and hazardous) waste, and wet (organic) waste, wherein the dry waste would be collected, transported, and stored in a community level MRF. The recyclable waste would then be sold to the nearby scrap dealership or would be sent into the nearest markets.

Doko’s Involvement:

  • Conducted technical training and awareness workshops to better inform Ward Office staff, ARSOW Nepal social mobilizers about proper waste management in the area as well as form a Waste Management Committee to oversee waste management in all nine toles at Gunsa.
  • Distributed proper tools and equipment such as awareness placards, register for bookkeeping, some safety equipment to help the WMC members better understand the logistics and operational details involved in creating a proper waste management system in the area.
  • Helped construct a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in the area that would serve as a recycling center for all nine toles (neighbourhoods) and could act as a recycling hub for nearby villages in the future.

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