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Ri Gaun Waste Assessment Report and System Design

Location: Ri Gaun, Ganga Jamuna Municipality, Dhading Duration: February, 2020 - Ongoing

The waste management project at Ri Gaun, Dhading is funded by NAMASTE/MAP (Nepal Monaco Cultural Association/ Monaco Aide et Presence) and ANA (Association Nepal Avignon), two non-profit organizations based in Monaco and France respectively. It is implemented by NAARA, a local organization consisting of community members who support projects funded by NAMASTE/MAP and ANA. Currently, Ri Gaun lies in the Ganga Jamuna Municipality which consists of 27 villages, out of which 16 will be our project areas. Out of these 16 villages, we are focusing on three: Ri Gaun, Tawal, and Tajimrang in the initial phase since they are densely populated and have access to electricity lines and running water.

This project aims to help set up proper waste management in the municipality since it is urbanizing and the amount of waste being generated is rapidly increasing, much of it ending in the rivers or being burned openly. Doko Recyclers wants to create channels where nonrecyclable waste is properly landfilled or incinerated and recyclable waste is collected and sold to scrap dealers where possible.

Doko’s Involvement:

  • We conducted a market feasibility study in the town of Dhading Besi to understand what types of scrap and recyclable materials were accepted, what the market buying and selling prices were, and whether local scrap dealers would be able to accommodate any scrap that would be collected from Rigaon which is a four hours drive away from Dhading Besi.
  • Several meetings were conducted with NARAA, ANA, and the Ward to discuss mobilization of community members for better waste management, access to markets, hard to recycle items, upcycling, and future planning. We also communicated Doko Recyclers’ working modality in Kathmandu and in community projects, and how Doko could help facilitate an efficient waste management system in the Ganga Jamuna Municipality starting from Ri Gaun.
  • We mapped the area to help us understand where to best install waste processing machinery, community recycling centers, and signages among other awareness raising material.
  • We conducted a waste audit to better understand waste composition and know about waste streams, types and quantities of waste produced.
  • A mind mapping exercise was conducted with community members, local stakeholders, and ward chairpersons on what steps could be taken to begin proper waste management in the area.

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