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Waste Management System for Madi Eco Village

Location: Madi, Chitwan Duration: November, 2019 - Ongoing

This project is implemented in Madi in partnership with Connecting Spaces, Elite Enterprises, Sustainable Mountain Architecture (SMA) and Doko Recyclers, with financial support from Connecting Spaces and co-funded by REPIC (Renewable Energy, Energy and Resource Efficiency Promotion in Developing and Transition Countries), Switzerland. The project, Madi Eco Village, aims to empower local communities by creating self-dependent eco-tourism. A crucial aspect to the project is to preserve nature that surrounds Madi as well as its local culture. Currently, a homestay project has been started in three villages - Bankatta, Baghauda and Rathaani.

Doko Recyclers aims to establish a locally driven waste management system for various homestays in order to address the increasing waste as tourism increases in this area. Improperly managed waste including waste burning, littering and haphazard waste dumping often has an immediate and lasting negative impression on tourism (domestic and foreign). At the same time, an increase in tourism has its own challenges with tourists often bringing in their own travel waste including a whole range of recyclables and non-recyclables like mineral water bottles, plastic wrappers, etc. This is both a challenge and an opportunity to create a proper waste management system that contributes to the circular economy, is locally sustainable, and does not burden our environment.

Doko Recyclers has undertaken this project in the capacity of developing scientific, sustainable, and locally driven waste management systems around the homestays in Madi. This will also serve as a model for other towns and villages with similar geo-political and social context.

Doko’s Involvement:

  • We conducted a project consultation in a series of project visits, with specific milestones and deliverables for each visit. Firstly, a detailed assessment for waste management system design was carried out, with a focus on establishing a CRC (Community Recycling Center). The various components were initial assessment, a detailed waste audit of the three villages, scrap market feasibility study (of local and surrounding urban areas like Bharatpur and Narayangadh), informal interviews with 3 women’s group representatives and 5 scrap dealers.
  • We conducted stakeholder consultation workshops bringing together representatives from municipal bodies, ward officials, representatives from women groups involved in the homestay projects. The motive was to initiate dialogue to develop primary level guidelines and to create an action plan for holistic waste management in Madi municipality as well as gather ideas from the representative’s perspective on problems and solutions of waste management in the area.
  • We delivered technical training (3 modules) for women groups and local community members associated with the homestays by covering topics such as waste management introduction, mind map, road map, critical waste categories, and the operational and managerial aspect of CRC.
  • We are in the planning phase for the last stage of the project which is the technical support on identification for location and construction of CRC.

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