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We create a complete waste management system starting from your recycling bins to recycling centers around Nepal. It starts with you!

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We are believers in Smart Sustainability - being aware of how our consumption and disposal choices impact us and our surroundings, and doing something about it. Doko promotes and enables smart sustainability by providing clients with waste management options ranging from doorstep recycling pick-up to repurposing discarded items with environmental awareness along the way.

Meet the team fighting to achieve cleaner air, land, water, and a more sustainable future in Nepal while encouraging our community to join us!

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  • 100+

  • 20000+

  • 1,91,576 Kgs

  • 3,59,768 cu.ft

    Landfill Space
  • 1,8977

    Trees Saved
  • 2,32,345 L

    Oil Saved
  • 31,40,801 L

    Water Saved
  • 31,07,166 kWh

    Energy Saved

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Customers we proudly serve

  • Kathmandu International Study Center

    Doko has been one of KISC's successful partnerships. This has been a very beneficial initiative in Nepal. Ever since we were in operation, we really wanted to encourage recycling in the school. But there weren't organizations like Doko who could provide the service. We being a school could not spare much time to lead this ourselves. So, we weren't successful to recycle our waste until we knew about Doko and partnered with them. We have now succeeded to recycle most of our waste through Doko and this has saved so much of our time. We really want to thank Doko and the team for the service. I envision how more beautiful Nepal would be if we all recycled our waste. Thanks Doko for all you do in making Nepal a better place.

    Amit Bhandari

    Operations Manager

  • CloudFactory Nepal is pleased to work with Doko Recyclers who take cares of our waste from our delivery hubs. This partnership makes us proud that we are also part of Doko's initiation to recycle the waste and make our country better. We simply do not give them our waste but we make Cash from our Trash which is wonderful. The support Doko provides is awesome. Keep it up the good job Team DOKO and Let's make better Nepal together !

    Dinesh Ranabhat

    Associate Manager - Delivery Center

  • British Council

    The British Council has been using Doko Recyclers since 2018 to manage its recyclable waste from two separate offices (Lainchaur and Thapathali). With their support, our organization has been able to enhance our operation's environmental sustainability and carbon neutral vision. Collection and distribution of waste and subsequent income has been well managed by Doko and we are extending their contract till 2020 in light of their professional service. If you have any questions about environmental efforts at the British Council, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

    Nischal Oli

    Arts Manager/EFT Coordinator

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