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Waste Facts

  • Fact 1


    Nepal ranks last on air quality out of 180 countries

  • Fact 2


    1000 tonnes of waste generated every day

  • Fact 3


    19% of all waste is burned

  • Fact 4


    Over 60% of waste is organic and can be composted

  • Fact 5


    Over 30% of waste is recyclable

  • Fact 6

    ~ 52

    Average air pollution per day <2.5 microns is ~52 mg/m3. The safe amount is <12mg/m3

Ideas For Change

  • Compost at home

    • Even though organic waste is biodegradable, sending them to landfills causes anaerobic respiration due to the absence of sunlight and oxygen. A byproduct of anaerobic respiration is methane, which is a greenhouse house.
    • Home composting creates 100% organic compost made by you, and also stops organic waste being sent to landfills
  • Get educated

    • Read about the importance of recycling and sustainable habits and practices
  • Segregate at source

    This is at the heart of what we do. Why is it important?
    • If not segregated, recyclable waste will be contaminated, therefore unrecyclable
    • If you segregate effectively, >95% of all your waste can be composted or recycled