Zero Waste Kathmandu

Zero Waste Ventures in Kathmandu Recently, a lot of ventures are popping up around Nepal advocating for sustainable living and a zero-waste lifestyle. Walking around Kathmandu, you can find zero-wa

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Guess How Long It Takes To Break Down?

We use paper, plastic, glass, metals, and electronic waste every day. Most of the materials we use are designed to be disposed after short-term use, like plastic bags, paper cups, plastic straws, low

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Recycling Complex Materials

Recycling complex e-waste A printed circuit board (PCB) is what allows all of your electronics to run. The circuit board creates a circuit of electrical connections to and from each component of yo

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Bioplastics: The Next Big Thing?

Bioplastics Over 8 trillion kgs of plastics have been produced worldwide till date. This weight is equivalent to 115 billion adults, or 800 million Sajha buses, or 2.5 million Saturn V rockets (the

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Gold In Your Garbage

There is a wealth of valuable resources that end up in landfills everyday by way of electronic waste, or e-waste disposal. Anything that can be plugged in or used on a battery is considered e-waste. M

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Basic Guide to Recycling

Segregate at Source In most homes and institutions today, we practice single-stream waste disposal. This means that all waste, whether it’s recyclable, organic, or reject, is being disposed of in

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Reflecting on the Kageshwori Manohara Clean Up Campaign

A clean up campaign is an organized cleaning effort made by a group of like-minded individuals to clean a predesignated area. Clean up campaigns are gaining momentum not just as means to clea

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Doko Turns Two!

Doko turns Two! On July 16th, 2017, Doko founders made their first two recyclable waste pick-ups from the Ministry of Health, and Nepal Innovation Lab - officially launching operations! Today, we c

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