Frequently Asked Questions

Pickup Services

Q1. Which cities does Doko Recyclers operate in?

A. We are currently running operations in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur (within the Ring Road). In the near future, we plan to expand our services beyond the Kathmandu Valley.

Q2. Who is eligible for pickup and recycling services?

A. Any one who has segregated their recyclable wastes and collected recyclable scrap weighs over 15 kgs can book a pickup for our recycling services.

Q3. How do I segregate?

A. You can put all your recyclable materials in one bin. This is referred to as single-stream recycling which is a system where all your recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, metals, glass (however broken glass is non-recyclable and must go to landfill waste), etc can be collected in one single bin. Since we sort all your recyclables at our Materials Recovery Facilities, you do not have to segregate different types of recyclable materials yourself. 

Q5. Will I get money for my recyclable waste as per the rates on the website?

A. We will provide you the rates shown on our website for recyclable waste featured on our website. However, for certain recyclable waste that has not been shown on the website, the rates will be set according to market prices.

Q6. Do I have to sort different kinds of waste before Doko agents pick it up?

A. No. The only thing you need to do is put recyclables into your Doko Bin and we will do the sorting at our Material Recovery Facility. This is called single stream recycling where you place all your recyclables in one bin. 


Q7. Do we need to sign a service agreement with Doko Recyclers?

A. Service agreements allow us to plan for capital expenditures (i.e. trucks and containers) and itemize the services we provide to our clients so that both parties are clear on what is going to be provided and when. The service agreement also gives us clearance from our clients to be on site to service their recycling and waste removal needs.

The service agreement is only for the membership clients, who generate recyclable waste in bulk amounts. These include but are not limited to educational institutions, corporations, hospitality sector, NGOs and INGOS, IT companies, housing colonies, and industries. You will be able to use our services as long as you have a minimum of 10 kgs of waste materials for us to pick up. If your sector is not listed, please contact us to discuss your waste composition and service possibilities.

For an individual entity like a household, there is no service agreement. You can directly call us at 9802044436 to schedule your pickup.

Q8. What sort of impact can I expect to create as a Doko client?

By recycling your home and office waste,  you will help with the following Sustainable Development Goals-

Responsible Consumption and Production:

  • When 1 ton of steel is recycled, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone are conserved.
  • Recycling reduces the need for new landfill spaces.
  • Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water.

Affordable and Clean Energy by Recycling:

  • Recycled glass uses about 21% less energy.
  • Recycled plastic bottles use 76% less energy.
  • Recycled newsprint uses about 45% less energy.

Sustainable Cities and Communities:

  • Teaching children about the value of recycling can help raise a generation of environment conscious adults.

Decent Work and Economic Growth:

  • Recycling generates more revenue and jobs than simply discarding waste in landfill disposals as it fosters a well organized waste management system.

Natural Resources Conservation:

  • Save trees and keep the environment lush and green by reducing plastic pollution in our soil.
  • Protect the ecosystem of our rivers, lakes and streams and keep our waterways clean.
  • Keep the air clean for all living beings by reduced burning of waste.

Q9. What is your Membership Model?

A. Our membership model is for the corporate, educational, housing colonies, industrial, and hospitality sector or any entity that produces recyclables in bulk volumes. We provide hands on services to our members to instill proper recycling services so they can not only get cash for trash but protect the environment as well. We charge annual or half yearly membership fees for providing the following services:

1. Waste Assessment & Report

2. Waste Management Training/Workshop

3. Scheduled Pick-up

4. Cash for Trash

5. Yearly Impact

Q10. What is a Non-membership Model?

A. Our non-membership model suits an individual entity such as a household, or a small office that does not generate a significant amount of recyclables. In this case, these entities can directly call us for the pick-up, once you have collected 15 kg recyclables or more.


Q4. Can I book a pickup service through a phone call and not through the website?

A. Yes, you can call us directly to schedule your pick up at our customer care helpline at 9802044436.

What Can I Recycle?

Q1. What kind of recyclable waste does Doko Recyclers buy?

A. We deal in all kinds of recyclables – paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metals, e-waste, and much more. Whether it is oil cans, beer bottles or used shampoo, hand wash containers – you can recycle with us to protect the environment. [Click here to know more]

Q2. What items do you currently accept?

A. We work on five different types of dry recyclables such as plastics, paper, metal, glass, and e-waste. Here is a list by category: Here is a list by category:

I. Paper: 

  1. White Office Paper
  2. Coloured Paper
  3. Cardboard Boxes
  4. Newspapers
  5. Magazines and Books
  6. Cereals Boxes

II. Plastics: 

  1. Clear Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): Clear cold drink bottles, mineral water bottles. 
  2. Mixed PET: Coloured cold drink bottles such as sprite. 
  3. Light Clear Plastic: Plastic packaging, sandwich bags, certain detergent bottles, shrinkwrap, bubblewrap, etc. 
  4. Light Mixed Plastic: Shopping bags. 
  5. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE): Milk bottles, Cold drink bottle lids.
  6. Polyprop: Icecream, butter, and yogurt tubs, garden furniture, plastic buckets. 

III. Cans:

  1. Aluminium and Tin Cans: Soup and beans cans, soft drink cans, tuna cans, etc.

IV. Glass:

  1. Foreign and Locally Produced Glass Bottles: Alcoholic beverage bottles, cider and ale bottles, local cold drink bottles

V. Light Fixtures: 

  1. Compact Fluorescent Lights
  2. Light Emitting Diodes
  3. Fluorescent Tubes

VI. Liquid Packaging: 

  1. Liquid tetra pak: Wine, milk, and juice tetra paks. 

VII. Electronics and Electrical Waste: 

  1. Any gadget operated by electricity or batteries: Computers, Televisions, cell phones, electronic gaming systems, small appliances, large appliances, stoves, refrigerators, air-conditioners, etc.

Q3. What about broken glass?

A. We currently do not accept broken glass but if the bottles or cups are cracked but still intact, we will be able to accept them provided they are transparent.

Q4. What about wires?

A. We accept all wires (except for fiber optic cables) as we have a wire stripper that can efficiently strip the metal from the plastic casings in wires.

Q5. What about textile?

A. We do not accept any clothing or shoes at the moment.

Q6. What about food waste?

A. We don't collect food waste in our pickups. We promote decentralised composting for organic waste generated at household level. Therefore, you can segregate your waste into 1. Organic Waste, 2. Dry Recyclables, and 3. Landfill/Trash Waste. Organic waste can be easily composted by Do-It-Yourself composting methods at home. We also offer the Smart Bucket, our Home Composting System that is available at our sustainability store. Tatwa Shop

Q7. What happens to the waste we collect for recycling?

A. Doko collects and transports all the recyclable waste to its Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The recyclable waste is placed in our secure warehouse where it is sorted into different grades, cleaned and processed into bales of paper, plastic and cans and then sent to recycling mills/factories.

Q8. Does Doko Recyclers use the recyclable waste collected to manufacture new products?

A. No, we do not process the recyclables collected to manufacture new products. Doko acts as a facilitator in the recycling process. We send all our segregated recyclable waste to recycling industries located in different parts of the country.

Q9. Is the scheduled pickup service free for users?

A. No, we have a service charge of Rs. 50 for a pickup which will be deducted from the value of your scrap. The charge will be waived if the value of your scrap amounts to higher than Rs. 500. Before scheduling a pick-up, you have to collect a minimum of 15 kgs recyclables.


Q1. What types of services do you provide?

a. Collection services for dry recyclables for households, corporations, educational institutions, and organizations. [Click here to know more]
b. We provide pick up services of all kinds of electronic wastes. [Click here to know more]

c. We provide shredding services as per your demand (off and on-site). [Click here to know more]
d. We also provide educational workshops on sustainable waste management and developing eco-friendly habits. [Click here to know more]
e. We offer various types of bins to help segregate your waste and help you recycle better. [Click here to know more]
f. We provide waste segregation and recycling services for large scale We are engaged in various waste management consultancy projects via Government agencies, INGOs, NGOs in different parts of Nepal.


Q2. What is Electronics and Electrical Waste (E-waste)?

A. E-waste encompasses any discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling, or disposal are also considered e-waste.

Q3. Do you take light bulbs?

A. Yes, we do take light bulbs. There will be a disposal charge for mercury containing lamps. If you only have bulbs for pickup and disposal, there will be a logistic charge (depending on distance of the collection site) and disposal charge of Rs. 10/pc.

Q4. Are CDs and VHS recyclable?

A. Plastic covers and parts of CDs and VHS tapes are recyclable.

Q5. Do you take printer cartridges?

A. Though we take most kinds of electronic wastes, we do not take printer cartridges.

Q6. Do you recycle batteries?

A. Ordinary lithium-ion batteries are not recyclable. However we do take car batteries and deep-cycle batteries for recycling.

Q7. Do you sell refurbished electronics? How can I buy them from you?

A. Yes we do sell refurbished electronics. We currently have an online store at where you can browse through all our refurbished items.

Q8. What types of electronic waste do you take?

A. We currently take all types of electronic and electrical gadgets such as computers, cellphones, refrigerators, microwaves, printers, laptops, etc. If you have any further questions about what we accept, you can refer to our e-waste website at


Q9. What is the minimum quantity required for On-Site Shredding?

A. Minimum 500 kgs.

Q10. What is the minimum quantity required for Off-Site Shredding?

A. No minimum quantity required.

Q11. What type of documents do you shred?

A. We shred all your paper documents which can range from project reports, confidential papers, business cards among others.

Q12. Where does our shredded paper go?

A. After you shred your paper, the shredded paper is sent to various recycling industries in Nepal which use the shredded paper as raw material to manufacture new paper. We take the full responsibility of  confidentiality clauses for all our clients.


Q13. Do you accept organic waste?

A. We do not accept organic waste but do encourage you to set up composting stations to minimize the amount of organic waste ending up at landfills. 

Q14. Do you offer any composting services?

A. At the moment we offer the Smart Bucket, our home composting system that comes with two buckets with a capacity of 20 liters each. It also comes with two 1kg packets of microbes and other accessories. You start by placing organic waste in one bucket and put microbes in every time you place organic waste in the bucket. The Smart Bucket is suitable for a family of 4-5 members generating 1kg organic waste per day. You can read our blogs on Smart Bucket for more details. [Click here to know more on Smart Bucket: Home Composting]

Q15. How do I place an order for the Smart Bucket?

A. You can directly order online from our Tatwa Shop [Click here]


You can also place your order by calling us at +977 9802071515 / 9802071517.


You can also order from other online platform like Daraz [Click here]

Tour and Workshops

Q16. What types of tours and workshops do you provide?

Q16. What types of tours and workshops do you provide?

A. We provide tours and workshops to any community, organisation or educational institution which is interested in knowing more about recycling. We have designed various types of tours and workshops depending on the audience which ranges from 90 minutes (MRF Tour) to week long workshops/training for Community Projects. 

[Click here for more information]

For further query you can call us at 9802071515 or send us a mail at with a short request letter stating your detailed information about the group size, age group, including contact information etc.

Tatwa (Sustainability Store)

Q17. How can I purchase Tatwa products?

A. You can check our Tatwa Shop website at You can also follow our upcycling brand Tatwa on Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media platforms have a list of Tatwa products and their prices available for purchasing. You can also call us at 9802044436 for further inquiries. 

Q18. Where can I purchase eco-friendly/upcycled products in Nepal?

A. You can browse through our Facebook or Instagram where we frequently feature eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

Information and Collaborations

Q1. What is the difference between you and local scrap dealers?

A. Firstly, we encourage you to practice source segregation of waste at your household or institutional level. This is different from selling assorted items to a scrap dealer.  Our intention is to recover resources so you can recycle more items with us. We also offer the ease of single stream recycling so you can place all your recyclables in one bin and sell them to us at standardized rates.

Q2. How can we partner up with Doko Recyclers?

A. You can choose from our membership and non-membership model as per your requirement. For any other kind of partnership drop us a mail at

Q3. Is your organization for-profit?

A. Yes, we are registered as a private and for-profit organization. We strive to be self sustaining and have a sustainable business model. As a social enterprise we take pride in the fact that our business decisions are influenced by overall social and environmental good. 

Q4. How can I start my own recycling business?

A. If you would like to start your own recycling business with Doko’s help please drop us an email at and we will reach out to you if we see a potential fit.

Q5. Can I help conduct any programs on recycling/use of plastics/waste management?

A. If you are trying to schedule one for a group like an office or school please contact us at 9802071515. If you want to be a general trainer or volunteer then sign up here

Q6. I would like to visit the MRF. How can I schedule a visit?

A. Send information to or give us a call at +977 9802071515. We highly recommend getting an appointment or notify our operations before visiting our site. We cannot authorize and approve visits without prior notice.

Q7. We wanted to set up an environmental project and wanted guidance. Who can we talk to?

A. Please write to us with the appropriate information and details to

Q8. Do you have data on waste management?

A. Please direct your specific data request to Depending on the nature of your request we may be able to assist your research needs. However,  since we cannot disclose client data and proprietary data requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  

For more information, please visit our knowledge center page


Career & Opportunities


Q1.How can I apply for a job at Doko Recyclers?

We publish our vacancies on our Careers page. If you would like to apply for a job, please send us your CV and Cover Letter. You can also keep yourself updated via our LinkedIn profile to get updates on job openings.

Q2.To whom should I address my cover letter?

You may address your cover letter to our HR Manager. We encourage you to mention the specific job opening that you are applying for in your cover letter.

Q3.I just submitted my application, what can I expect now?

We aim to respond to everyone who applies within 2-3 weeks. At that time, we’ll let you know if we’d like to speak with you, need more information, or if your application isn’t what we’re looking for at the time.

Q4.Do you offer part-time positions?

Most positions at Doko are full-time, but we do occasionally have part-time roles. Whether a role is full-time or part-time will be specified in the job description.

Q5.Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Of course, especially if you’re not sure which one will fit your talents the most. But be strategic - don’t just apply across the board, make sure that your applications match our job advert for a more successful application.

Q6.How can I prepare for my interview?

Review the job description and do some research on our company. We want to get to know your prior experiences and successes that would help you for the role you are applying at Doko Recyclers. We encourage you to come with a few experiences that demonstrate your strengths and any questions you have about the opportunity.

Q7.What should I wear to the interview?

You don’t need to dress up to impress us. Wear whatever makes you most comfortable.

Q8.What should I expect after my interview?

Your interviewer will help you understand the timeline for the opening you've applied for. You should hear back from them with a status update within two weeks of your interview.

Q9.Can I reapply if I have been rejected?

  1. Yes, but if your application was not taken further because we felt that you were not a fit for the role at the time, give it a few months, develop your skills, and come back. If you’d still like to make an appeal, write to us at and we will look into your application again.

But even if you're not offered the job you applied for, your information will go into our database, which means you may be contacted for other opportunities within Doko Recyclers at a later date.


Q10.How do I apply for an internship?

You can apply for an internship with us. Please visit our Careers page

Q11.How do I get involved or how do I volunteer?