Education Workshops

So you’ve started your waste segregation journey and you suddenly find yourself asking:

I recycle this? How do I segregate? Which plastics are acceptable? What about broken glass? Tyres? Electronics? Wires? Textiles? Food waste? What can’t be recycled and what is hard to? What is hazardous waste? What happens to everything when it’s gone?

Doko Recyclers has the answers to all your waste questions in the form of our Doko Waste Education and Awareness Program . We offer interactive workshops and on-site tours for a range of audiences from children to policy-makers to educate, inform, and encourage action towards improving Nepal’s waste disposal practices.

  • Increase Environmental Awareness

  • Learn About Eco-friendly Lifestyle

  • Recycling and Waste Management

  • E-waste Management

We offer tailored programs for schools and colleges with the following value propositions:

  • Eco-Friendly

    Become an
    eco-friendly and
    sustainable space,
    inspiring students to
    learn about and
    participate in
    sustainability practices.

  • Interactive Awareness

    Hands-on workshops
    designed to teach about
    the importance of
    responsible waste
    segregation practices
    and the environmental
    benets of recycling.

  • Materials Recovery
    Facility Tour

    Learn about what
    happens to our waste
    once it enters the
    recycling stream and see
    how we sort by visiting
    our Materials Recovery

  • Waste Smart

    We provide schools with
    a curriculum on proper
    waste management
    practices that can be
    adapted to t existing
    classroom learning

Interactive Workshops

Workshop Highlights

• A brief introduction on the current scenario of waste management in Nepal and the underlying challenges.

• Learn how to ‘segregate waste at source’ by identifying recyclable and non-recyclable materials through hands-on games and activities.

• Learn how reducing, reusing and recycling can help save resources like trees, water, energy, etc.

• Discover the joys of composting and the science behind it.

• Learn about simple life changes you can easily adopt to make a dierence at an individual level.

Group size: 30 participants
Tour duration: 1.5 hours
Location: School/college premises
Refresher workshops are also offered on request.

Materials Recovery
Facility Tour

Tour Highlights

• Learn about the ins and outs of the local recycling industry.

• Observe how marterials are sorted and processed for recycling and why various types of materials can (or cannot) be recycled.

• Watch electronics being dismantled, wires being stripped, condential paper being shredded and other cool activities taking place at our facility.

• Let’s have some fun! Play recycling games to nurture the budding environmentalist in you.

• Learn about the Circular Economy and its growing importance.

Group size: 30 participants
Tour duration: 1.5 hours
Location: Sano Thimi

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