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A sustainable partner to raise awareness on the importance and urgency of recycling to the future generation of Nepal.

Doko Recyclers believes that today’s students will lead our community towards a more sustainable and responsible future, and we want to help them achieve that. We encourage participation and activism for better laws on segregation and waste management.

Today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders

  • Know Your Waste Education Workshops

    Our Know Your Waste Education Workshops are designed for students of all ages. We provide students with information on the current waste management situation, the importance of recycling, and the impact that recycling will have on the future. Our workshops allow students to be leaders and take action to help our community become cleaner and safer now and in the future. View More

  • Materials Recovery Facility Tour

    We welcome students to visit our Materials Recovery Facility. We have designed an interactive tour to demonstrate what happens to our waste once it enters the waste stream and see how we sort the waste we receive.

  • Waste Smart Curriculum

    We provide schools with a curriculum on proper waste management practices that can be adapted to fit existing classroom learning processes.

  • Eco-Friendly Space

    Become an eco-friendly and sustainable space, inspiring students to learn about and participate in sustainable practices, and providing space for experiential learning.

  • Cash for Trash

    You can now earn money by recycling different types of recyclable waste. We offer digital weighing, transparent pricing, and on-the-spot payment.

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