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Whether you live in a city in Nepal or are just passing through, it’s hard to be oblivious to the fact that Nepal is choking under its own garbage and we are choking with it!

A tremendous amount of waste and filth is created daily due to unplanned urbanization, poor municipal management and lack of awareness. Unfortunately, due to lack of access to convenient services that allow appropriate disposal of waste, recyclable waste that could be used to generate marketable products is either lining up our streets, choking our rivers or ending up in landfills.

Doko Recyclers was born out of a desire to manage the tall garbage heaps and overflowing landfills of Kathmandu. This first of its kind social venture aims to solve Nepal’s ever-growing waste problem by streamlining the informal recycling industry and bring innovative solutions to make recycling significantly more efficient for everyone. The end result is hassle free services for managing your waste, as well as increased recycling rates and lower carbon emissions for the planet. Our objective is to make sure that the waste we create doesn’t end up on our streets or landfills but instead positively impacts our environment and economy. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Our Team

The team that loves trash!

Arpan Acharya

Senior Communication Officer

Arpan brings his social work skill set to our communications team as our Senior Communication Officer. He represents Doko when you want to learn about recycling and our services. This means he walks you through our processes, on boards you as a client, and ensures that you are all set for our services to start – be it pick-ups, awareness workshops, outreach or waste audits.

Ashma Basnyat

Chief Strategy Officer + Partner

Ashma is a Master of Urban Planning graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, USA where she explored how solid waste management could be improved in Kathmandu to enable economic and community growth. As a part of Doko, Ashma provides technical, research, and strategic guidance enabling the team to assess impact, design segregation programs, and implement outreach strategies. She all too often geeks out about the unlimited potential effective solid waste management can have on community, economic, and environmental growth.

Ashma is currently based in San Francisco, USA.

Bipul Chitrakar

Communications Associate

Bipul is Doko’s in-house creative and communications engine. He is a part of the marketing and communications team that is responsible for our social media and events presence, and all the recycling related fun facts we share with you! He also applies his creativity exploring up-cycling solutions for Doko. So if you have innovative up-cycling solutions you want to share with us, do get in touch with Bipul.

Kushal Harjani

Co-Founder & CEO

Kushal has an entrepreneurial nature, a strong work ethic, and a desire to continuously innovate. He is passionate about designing sustainable and evidence-based practical solutions that combine his previous work experience in the private and social sector. He holds a master’s degree in Development Economics from the University of Goettingen, Germany and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from Washington and Lee University, U.S.A.

Pankaj Panjiyar

Chief Operations Officer

In truth, Pankaj is our master of all trades, but he tends to focus on e-waste if he can help it. As our E-waste Management Business Head, he develops and implements our electronic, hazardous and industrial waste protocols. He is based out of our Sano Thimi location where he can often be found researching how to best manage hazardous waste in Nepal, including refurbishing electronic goods giving them another life. So keep an eye out for Doko certified refurbished goods knowing that Pankaj has put both is electronics engineering and business training to good use.

Raghavendra Mahto


Raghu has an appetite for working through ideas, iterating until they come to fruition. He enjoys the energy of working alongside motivated people on creating value through business model innovation. He graduated from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand with an MBA in Strategy & Technology Management and holds a degree in Electronics Engineering from NIT Allahabad, India.

Runit Saria


Runit is a graduate in Computer Engineering from NIT Allahabad, India and previously worked at Infosys, Bhubaneshwar. Runit is keen on applying his systems approach to solid waste management where he is the team point person for ‘setting up’ processes and mechanisms. His background in manufacturing and trading, also makes him our point person for infrastructural and accountancy needs.

Shivani Saria

Chief Communications Officer

Shivani believes that our clients deserve quality service and information in order for them to make an effective environmental and social impact. This drive in combination with her experiences in social work, people management and communications makes her Doko’s point of contact for both customer and business relationship management, training resource for clients, and knowledge management.

Shivani comes to Doko with a background in Social Work focusing primarily on Public Health from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.

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