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Our Vision

Doko Recyclers sees a locally sustained and growing green economy that values social welfare through natural resource preservation.

About Us

Piles of trash strewn across Kathmandu serve as a daily reminder that we can better our communities, health, environment, economy, and future, simply by being sustainable. Doko Recycler’s model is based on Nepal’s already existent culture of buying and selling recyclables like paper, bottles, and scrap metal parts. The challenge lies in expanding our recycling practices to include other materials, relaying the environmental impacts of dumping in landfills, and focusing on conserving raw resources rather than extracting them. We do exactly this and In doing so, we aim to bring about behavior change in how and what we consume by reducing, reusing, repairing, repurposing, rotting, and recycling.

So, we at Doko, implement methods to help you segregate your waste at its source into different categories before it enters our waste stream. Once it enters our waste stream we continue to separate your waste into different recyclable categories ensuring that the right materials get to the right industries. These industries then extract and reuse existing resources from the waste you give us to create new goods. Our shredding, e-waste, and composting services in addition to our waste pick ups, awareness training workshops, and waste segregation infrastructure setup all allow you to do this instinctively in your own homes and office spaces.

We truly believe that because the simple act of waste segregation can tremendously reduce landfill impact, it should be a mandatory act at an individual, household, and corporate level. In order to achieve this, we developed our model and services to offer a series of waste management solutions that enable you to easily practice Smart Sustainability and support a growing green and sustainable circular economy.

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The team that loves trash!

  • Ashma Basnyat

    Chief Strategy Officer & Partner

  • Kushal Harjani

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Raghavendra Mahto


  • Runit Saria


  • Shivani Saria

    Chief Communications Officer

  • Pankaj Panjiyar

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Arpan Acharya

    Senior Communication Officer

  • Stuti Sharma

    Communications and Advocacy Coordinator

  • Bishwa Ghatami

    Doko Agent

  • Bijay Kumar Sah

    Site Manager

  • Sunita Rai

    Operations Assistant

  • Darshana Singh

    Project Lead - Organic Waste Soutions

  • Brinda Dewan

    Urban Waste Manager

  • Palpasha Suwal


  • Suswet Labh

    Operations Manager

  • Shusil Nepal


  • Adarsha Pratap Adhikari

    Project Management and Communications Intern

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