Our Vision

Supporting a growing green economy that values social and environmental welfare by preserving natural resources and enabling local ingenuity.

Our Mission

Provide waste management services to a diverse range of clients and work together to improve environmental health by segregating waste and changing consumption behaviour through increased awareness, consequently turning waste into resources.

About Us

Doko Recyclers - a social enterprise that manages and recycles dry waste. Our priority is to move away from reliance on waste dumps that offer no environmental protection, to waste management systems that retain useful resources within our economy. Segregation of waste at its source plays a critical role in enabling a sustainable future. Core to our vision for waste management in Nepal is the use of wastes as resources with increased value extraction, recycling, recovery and reuse.

We are believers in Smart Sustainability: The practice of being smart about our consumption and disposal choices, understanding how they impact us and our surroundings, and doing something about it.

To us at Doko Recyclers, a sustainable and greener future is only feasible if we, as a society, work together and actively conserve resources by reducing, reusing, repairing, repurposing and recycling. So our services are centered on enabling you, our clients, to do the same.

We promote and enable smart sustainability by providing you with waste management options ranging from doorstep recycling pick-up to repurposing discarded items ranging from furniture to electronics, while generating environmental awareness along the way. Doko Organics, our at home composting system, allows households to manage your organic waste while we handle the inorganic - paper, plastic, metal, and glass. We even have dedicated services to help you manage your electronic waste where we repair and refurbish what we can and safely recycle or dispose what cannot be. Our Awareness Workshops will teach you how to live sustainably by learning to make environmentally friendly consumption choices and understand the impact of those choices. You can even get some environmentally friendly products ranging from personal hygiene to refurbished electronics online at our Tatwa Shop aimed at helping you live a sustainable lifestyle.

These services are all measures that can help you separate your waste into different categories before it enters our waste stream and ends up in a landfill or open body of water.

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Why Doko?

Doko does not have the stereotypical eureka moment where one of us falls into a pile of waste invoking a moment of clarity. Nonetheless, we metaphorically take that image as our inspiration. Walking past a smelly and sludgy pile of waste without a doubt evokes similar sentiments of sadness and bewilderment - especially when you have fond memories of a green Kathmandu with Bagmati gushing through.

These piles of trash are a daily reminder that we can do better for our communities, health, environment, economy and future simply by being sustainability conscious. We developed our service model understanding that Nepal already has a culture of buying and selling recyclables like paper, bottles, and scrap metal parts. The challenge is expanding this understanding to include other materials, relay the environmental impacts of dumping, and why we must focus on conserving raw resources rather than extracting them. In doing so, we aim to bring about behavior change in how and what we consume by reducing, reusing, repairing, repurposing, rotting, and recycling.

So, we at Doko, created a model to implement methods to help you segregate your waste at its source into different categories before it enters our waste stream. Once it enters our waste stream, we continue to separate into different recyclable categories ensuring that the right materials make it to the right industries who then extract and reuse existing resources from that waste to create new goods. Our shredding, e-waste, and composting services in addition to our waste pick ups, awareness workshops, waste segregation system setup all allow you to do this instinctively in your homes and offices.

We truly believe that because this simple act of segregation can tremendously reduce landfill impact, it should be a mandatory act at an individual, household, and institutional level. In order to achieve this, we developed our model and services to offer a series of waste management solutions that enable you to easily practice Smart Sustainability and support a growing green and sustainable circular Nepali economy.

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The team that loves trash!

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    Chief Strategy Officer

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    Chief Administrative Officer

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    Chief Communications Officer

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    Chief Operations Officer

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    Chief Executive Officer

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    Doko Agent

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    Trading Manager

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    Senior Accountant

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    Communications Manager

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    Associate Accountant

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    Partnerships Associate

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    E-waste Manager

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    Operations Manager

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    Partnerships Lead

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    HR and Communications Associate

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    Clients Manager

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    Manager- MSWM Projects

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    Project Assistant

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