Want to recycle but don’t know how?
Doko is here for you!

Know how to recycle but don’t know where to send your recyclables? Want to create your own compost for your garden instead of relying on commercial chemical composts? Doko is here for you!
We are Kathmandu’s first digital recyclable waste pickup platform for Households. We also provide customized recycling services for larger housing societies. Make recycling a habit by using our services!

Make recycling a habit by using our services!

  • Seamless pick ups

    We provide scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick ups

  • Earn Money

    You can now earn money by recycling different types of recyclable waste. We offer digital weighing, transparent pricing, and on-the-spot payment.

  • Doko Bins

    We offer households a selection of unique bins for collecting all your recyclable waste in one place. This ensures that even the tiniest piece of trash finds its way to a recycling facility instead of a landfill.

  • Smart Bucket - Home Compost Bins

    The Smart Bucket is an environment and user-friendly composting technology that turns your organic kitchen waste into valuable fertilizer. The resulting compost can be used as an organic additive in your home garden or rooftop farm.

  • Tatwa

    Tatwa is an innovative initiative by Doko Recyclers to responsibly repurpose discarded materials into marvels of high value and purpose. It is the coming together of art with consciousness to reduce carbon footprint, showcasing some incredible ideas into a creative range of decorative products.

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Composting Service

Composting is the process of turning organic waste into nutrients for the soil through the process of decomposing.

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