Jazzmandu- Efficient Waste Management at Events

It’s no surprise that the annual jazz festival, Jazzmandu, that’s held in Kathmandu is an event that’s always looked forward to. This year, Jazzmandu took an extra initiative to become a “Green Event” by partnering with us, Doko Recyclers! Trust me, this was a big deal for us… just three months into a fully-functioning company and working with an event like Jazzmandu is definitely the icing on the cake (plus, how can you give up the free passes, right?). This years line up did not disappoint, with artists from all over the world – from Germany to Africa, the USA and our own local bands - we had the opportunity to enjoy the variations in jazz. With over 10 bands performing in more than 10 different locations, Doko recyclers worked as a team to check out every venue (except Gokarna, due to transportation and time issues), procure our products, and place them (almost always) well in advance at the venues. Granted, most of the smaller venues just needed a bin or two for segregation of the recyclable waste, however, for the fest at Gokarna and the finale at Yak and Yeti, our creativity was pushed to create recycling stations. From past events, we learnt that the stickers on the bin alone didn’t help too much with proper segregation. Keeping that in mind, our team worked to design and create a banner to place above the bins and placards to paste on the bins (right near the mouth, so people are aware of what exactly should go in that bin). As you can see in the picture above, our recycling station was comprised of three bins and the banner. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, the additions to the bins resulted in accurate and efficient segregation! (The spacing on the banner didn’t exactly fit with the bins, but there’s always room for improvement and that’s definitely going to change for the next event).