New Strides in E-Waste Services: Our Very Own Wire Stripper

We all have wires lying around our house. Phone chargers, Tihar lights, old Ethernet cables; we have them all and we’ve probably wondered what to do with them. Understanding this problem, we at Doko Recyclers were eager to add wire stripping as a service we provide to anyone interested. To go into detail, wire stripping entails separating wires’ plastic casing from the metal thread underneath. The metal from the wires are then recycled, as are the plastic casings. A wire stripper, true to its name, efficiently and safely separates the plastic casing from its enmeshed metallic thread. Now, with the much needed help of Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Doko has finally procured its first wire stripper. The wire stripper has the capacity to separate 50 to 100 kg of metal wiring from plastic casings per day. We will process about 200 to 300 kg of wire per month for the first month and move up to one ton of wire in months after. The volume and versatility of the wire stripper will enable us to separate various kinds of metals used in wires such as copper and aluminium, as well as from different types of wires like single core, multi core, and sheet cable wire. Our acquisition of the wire stripper is imperative for a better economy as it leads to the creation of secondary raw materials which can then be used again to make new metal-based products. The wire stripper has enabled us to not only preserve secondary raw materials (copper, aluminium, and steel) used in wires but to do so in an environmentally friendly way. Wires presently are openly burned to melt their plastic casings and extract the underlying metal, which exposes workers to hazardous fumes and chemicals. Along with a host of health problems, wire burning also releases noxious fumes to the atmosphere degrading air quality. Needless to say, we delighted to have an equipment that can safely extract valuable metals from wires and cables. Furthermore, the metals we extract, especially copper, are high value commodities which add considerable resources back to our economy in addition to preserving resources already in use instead of languishing in the landfill. If you have a volume of wires please contact us so we can dispose of them in a sustainable and safe manner.