The Smart Bucket: A New Solution for Organic Waste

Last Sunday was a busy one for our team as we launched our newest product, the Smart Bucket: Doko's venture into home composting to manage your organic waste. The Smart Bucket comes with its own set of instructions, and a packet of decomposer that will enable you to properly manage your organics like fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, and cooked food at home. While it may seem trivial, 60 percent of Kathmandu Valley’s organic waste ends up in the landfill and due to anaerobic conditions, this waste becomes a major source of methane, a greenhouse gas. The Smart Bucket was launched during the award ceremony of the ‘Nationwide Cleanup and Poster Competition for Schools’ which was organised by Clean Up Nepal and the Australian Embassy. It was exciting to see school children participate in the cleanup and poster competition which featured 36 schools from 12 districts across Nepal. The schools had to organize and participate in a series of awareness campaigns to advocate against illegal burning and dumping of waste in landfills. Along with awareness campaigns, students and their respective communities practiced segregation and recycling as well. The winner and runner-up of the competition, New Star-Pole School and Shristi School respectively, received monetary aid for school supplies and proper waste collection bins. During the awarding ceremony, our Chief Operations Officer (COO), Pankaj Panjiyar explained how segregation of waste at source and composting at home would save an incredible 85% of waste going to landfills. Composting is an important facet of waste management and one that can be started in the comfort of your homes. Practicing simple steps like setting aside your vegetable stalks, fruit peels, coffee grounds, and even tea leaves from your dry recyclable and non-recyclable waste would drastically reduce the volume of waste ending up in landfills. Doko is excited about the new in-house composting solutions it offers where we hope people can easily manage their leftover fruit and vegetable peels and make their own compost for all their gardening needs. While our Smart Bucket isn’t in the marketplace just yet, it will be very soon and we are excited for you to try it out!