Waste Management Training at United Academy

In collaboration with Doko recyclers, waste management training and workshop was provided to the BBS students and staff at United College and United Academy. The training was led by Brinda Dewan, a representative from Doko. The workshop started with an introduction about Doko recyclers and a video regarding the situation of waste management in Kathmandu. “Waste management is a great challenge not only for Kathmandu and Nepal but for the world. Doko recyclers was established with the mission to help tackle this global problem,” says Dewan. In the workshop, Dewan highlighted the causes of the problem and also provided possible solutions to tackle the problem. In the interactive program, Dewan provided facts about different kind of waste and how to segregate, and properly manage the waste. She also provided relevant examples by categorizing the possible waste generated at the organization. “It’s a good cause that they are promoting. I gained more in-depth knowledge regarding waste management through this workshop” says Tara Thapa Magar, Chef at the Head office of United Education Foundation.