We Are The Green Warriors! United School Workshop

On Monday class representatives from grade 5-10 attended a workshop on Waste management from representative of Doko recyclers. United School has been a plastic-free zone since its establishment. The school has always been environment friendly. Since United education foundation’s collaboration with Doko recyclers, workshops have been organized for both students and staff. Following are the testimonials from a few of the students who attended the workshop. “From the presentation done by Stuti ma’am from Doko recycler, we learned about different types of waste materials, their proper management and the best way to decompose. We also learned about the harmful effects of throwing waste in open in our environment and health. We should use the 3-R method to manage waste. We must be conscious about cleaning wastes and we should not hesitate to clean public place. We learned many useful things from the presentation. “- Sajal Bhattrai “We learned about waste management and how to recycle and reuse waste materials. Plastics are harmful, they aren’t decayed easily, it takes 400 to 1000 years to decay. I am motivated to recycle and reduce waste.”-Shreya KC ” Ms. Shruti Sharma talked about keeping our surroundings and environment clean. Once a month the school conducts CCC-Clean through the country program where we clean classroom, school, surrounding areas. It encourages us to do the same in our home and neighborhood. We learned how to separate different kinds of waste materials which is called waste segregation. There are different colored dustbins placed in the school, we were taught to about which kind of waste goes to which dustbin in the workshop.”-Roxxane Risal “The presentation conducted by Ms. Stuti Sharma from the Doko Nepal team was very useful to me and my friends. We learned about where to throw the waste in which colored bins. We learned about what type of pollution a waste material does. Nowadays the most thrown waste is plastic. But we don’t know how much time the plastic takes to decompose. Through the workshop, we found out that it takes almost 1000 years to decompose a piece of plastic. Since space is not enough for all the students couldn’t attend the workshop. I think every student should get a chance to attend the workshop as it has valuable information.”-Resika Humagain “Doko Recycle is a social organization which taught us a big lesson of recycling and disposing of the waste materials and keep our environment clean and safe. It was a very interesting program. It taught us a way of living life freely. Getting a clean environment is also freedom and Doko recycle is doing that work. It was interesting. We even played a very fun game. The conductor of the program was Ms.Stuti was very nice, humble and attentive to the students. She asked us about many sanitation related questions and kept us engaged.”-Ayush Neupane The presentation taught us different things about recycling, reusing and reducing waste materials. The presenter, Stuti ma’am told us that recycling waste means less amount of garbage will go to landfills. She also taught that we should not burn waste materials. We shouldn’t overuse plastic bags, bottles, etc. If we use it then we shouldn’t burn it or throw it, instead, we should recycle it. As the plastic needs a lot of years to get decomposed in the soil, it’s better to stop using plastic. And the organic waste should be kept in a pit so that it gets decomposed. Like this, we all have learned a lot of things from the presentation. It was very useful for our studies and daily life.”-Nidhi Acharya ” The workshop was related to the cleanliness of our surrounding with the process of recycling. The presenter Ms. Stuti taught us about the process to recycle waste like plastic bags, papers, etc. We were also taught about to separate the waste in four different colored bins. The colors are red, blue, blue, green, and yellow. We categorized the waste according to the bins in different colors.” -Subhechha Ghimire