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We, at Doko Recyclers, are a vibrant and committed team of individuals who have helped both the private and the public sector divert about 1,000 tons of dry recyclables from our landfill at Sisdole to the recycling industry. We have both created jobs in the waste management sector and helped systemize recycling while promoting a circular economy. We work with our clients and partners to protect the health of our cities and environment.

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  • Digital Content Strategist (with knowledge in designing)

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    Job Specification

    • Bachelor degree in a relevant field- Journalism, Marketing etc.
    • Experience creating and editing digital content for target audiences across all multimedia and social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
    • Familiar with basics of designing software such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop etc.
    • Effective communication and time management skills.
    • Good marketing and collaborative skills.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication, interpersonal, and content presentation skills.
    • Strong planning and organisation skills.

    Job Description

    Doko Recyclers has been a pioneer in spreading the awareness on waste management, recycling  and sustainability in Nepal. We are looking for a fresh approach in communicating with our audience. A content strategist (with knowledge in designing tools or Canva) job description constitutes planning, designing (in-house or outsourcing), editing, and publishing relevant content based on our objectives and users' needs. The strategist's main job is to develop a content strategy that conforms to and sets out to achieve great engagement. Alongside, the role will be responsible for managing Tatwa - our sustainability store which provides users with zero waste alternatives products.


    Digital Content

    • Develop, implement and manage our social media strategy for the brand that is consistent with the company’s brand identity.
    • Develop new content/ideas to engage with the relevant online communities.
    • Support and lead content generation through writing, aiding in photo/video/text,  presentation and communication skills.
    • Work closely with the designing agency/ freelance designers in translating content to designs for special campaigns. Providing regular feedback on designs to improve user experience.
    • Plan and create promotional content for paid social media marketing and digital media campaigns on a monthly basis. Also, work on creating promotions based on special cultural/festive days.
    • Learn social networking experience and social analytics tools.
    • Look out for PR activities, events and actively participate in relevant ones.
    • Send newsletters on a bi-monthly basis to all existing databases with updates about Doko’s progress.
    • Perform online engagement through quizzes, short live videos, event broadcasting etc.
    • Plan for online advertisements on services offered by the company on a regular basis.

    Tatwa - Sustainability Store Management

    • Manage the entire inventory of all products under Tatwa.
    • Manage daily order dispatch with Daraz and other social media orders.
    • Manage B2B clients accounts, receivables, and process regular orders.
    • Overall responsibility of packing the goods on a timely basis.
    • Participate in all major campaigns for Daraz and other ecommerce platforms.
    • Continuously update product prices, features as per changes.
    • Update our offerings on platforms on a regular basis.
    • Respond to all queries on social media platforms.
    • Maintain relation between eCommerce and distribution partners as well as manage sales strategies such as promotion and advertising.


    Interested candidates are requested to email us their CV at anusha.dokorecyclers@gmail.com.

We are always looking for an exceptional individuals.

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Thank you for your interest in working at Doko Recyclers. While there are no open positions at the moment you are welcome to send us your resume with a cover letter stating what you can bring to our team. Show us your creativity and passion for the environment and create a position for yourself! If you make a compelling case, we will be sure to reach out to you. Write to us at hello@dokorecyclers.com

New openings will always be posted on this page. Please keep visiting for updates.

As a social enterprise, we provide recycling solutions to both the private and public sector to promote proper waste management in Nepal by streamlining recycling, conducting awareness campaigns, organizing relief efforts for waste workers, and providing consultation services to rural communities.

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